Booster Club

Our Mailing Address

Chamblee Baseball Booster Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 191045
Atlanta, GA 31119

2022-2023 Chamblee Booster Club Executive Board

Varsity Baseball Coach –Brian Ely

President – 
Craig Harkins

Vice President – Tony Sun
Treasurer – Michelle Rivers

Secretary – Peggy Khajavi
Sponsorships – Jerry Brobst
Member At Large – Clem Welsh
Member At Large – Rhett Butler

Member At Large – Dan Zanger

Middle School Representative – John Donegan


The name of the organization shall be Chamblee Baseball Booster Club, Inc. (hereinafter, “Club” or “Company”).

The Company is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes as contemplated by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, (the “Code”).
The purpose of the Club shall be the support and promotion of the Chamblee Charter High School (“CCHS”) and Chamblee Middle School (“CMS”) baseball programs.  Such support includes but is not limited to raising money for equipment, uniforms, coaches and other team needed items.  The Company shall further assist the teams with fundraising, off-season programs and field maintenance. The Club is an independent body of parents and supporters of the baseball programs at Chamblee Charter High School and Chamblee Middle School but is aware of and responsive to these rules, regulations and standards of conduct which govern participation of public school students in interscholastic competition at DeKalb County schools and in the State of Georgia.  The Club will maintain an on-going dialogue and working relationship with the athletic director, the coaching staff and the administration and faculty of Chamblee Charter High School and Chamblee Middle School to ensure that the Club’s participation in and support of the CCHS and CMS baseball programs are, at all times, consistent with the highest goals and aspirations of athletic competition among high school and middle school student athletes.

The headquarters and principal office of the Company shall be located at such place or places within the United States, its territories or possessions, as the officers may from time to time determine and appoint, or as the affairs of the Company may require or make desirable. The initial principal office shall be Chamblee Charter High School, 3688 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Chamblee, Georgia 30341.
The Company shall have and shall continuously maintain in the State of Georgia a registered office and a registered agent at such registered office, as required by the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. The address of such registered office may be changed from time to time by the officers. Updated for fiscal year 2017-2018, The mailing address for the Company is as follows: Chamblee Baseball Booster Club, Inc., P.O. Box 191045, Atlanta, GA 31119.

Membership in the Club shall be open to parents of members of the CCHS and CMS baseball programs and CCHS and CMS administrators and teachers as well as alumni, friends and relatives of Chamblee Charter High School and Chamblee Middle School students or other supporters of the CCHS and CMS baseball programs.


The business year for purposes of the Club memberships, directors, officers, and the term of offices shall run from June 1 through May 31 the following year.  For illustration’s sake, the 2014-2015 business year shall run from June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018.

The officers shall determine the basic annual voting membership dues for each year to present to the voting membership for approval at a scheduled meeting at the lead-off breakfast meeting.  Additional levels of membership may be created for promotional or fundraising purposes by the majority vote of those attending a regular meeting.  Further, the membership may establish fees for participation in fall and summer league teams from time-to-time during the year.

The affairs of the Company shall be managed by a Board consisting of not more than nine (9) not less than three (3) directors.   Election of the board of directors (“Executive Board”) for the following year shall be held no earlier than the end of the season banquet in May of each year.  A nominating committee appointed by the board members shall present a slate of candidates to the general voting membership at that meeting.  A quorum must be present to elect the board of directors. The precise number of directors may be fixed of changed from time to time by resolution of the Executive Board.
The Board of Directors shall oversee the general policies of the Company as well as provide guidance and support to ensure the continued long-term strength of the Company.

The following are the board of directors who shall serve in their capacities until May 31, 2018:

President:  Duke Stephens
Vice President: Lisa Flowers
Treasurer: David Sedacca
Secretary: Beth Subia
Sponsorships:  Brian Jenkins
Member At Large:  Vernell Kimbrough
Member At Large:  Ryan Pasley
Member At Large:  Clem Welsh

Member At Large: Tony Sun

The Varsity Baseball Coach shall always be a member of the Board of Directors.

Varsity Baseball Coach: Brian Ely

With the exception of the Varsity Baseball Coach, the directors shall also act as the officers of the Company.
The president or co-president shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and at meetings of the officers and committee chairs ( Executive Board meetings) and shall serve as chief officer of the Club in general management of its affairs.  He/She/They shall be responsible for all communication between school administration, faculty/coaching staff and the Club and for communications between the Club and its members and shall carry out the decisions of the general membership expressed by a majority vote at a general meeting.  The president(s) may establish committees as he/she/they deem(s) necessary and appoint a chairperson for each committee.
The vice president shall assist the president(s) in all of his/her/their duties and act as the president(s) in the absence of the president(s).
The secretary shall assist the president(s) and vice president in all of their duties and act as the president in the absence of the president(s) and vice president.   He/She shall record and keep the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and attend to all correspondence of the Club.  He/She shall prepare, mail and otherwise disseminate notices of all general and special meetings and have custody of and maintain all permanent records of club affairs other than those entrusted to the treasurer herein.
The treasurer shall receive all monies of the Club and disburse the same upon proper authorization.  He/She shall maintain bank accounts for funds of the Club and prepare and present financial reports at each regular meeting as well as prepare and present a detailed report from time-to-time at the last general meeting of the year.
The Immediate Past President(s), at their option and as signified to the Executive Board prior to the election of Officers, shall also be (a) member(s) of the Board.  Immediate Past President(s) shall have no official duties except those assigned by the Executive Board. The transfer of knowledge to help ensure effective Board operation shall be the key reason that this position exists.
The At-Large Officer(s) shall also be (a) member(s) of the Executive Board.  This (These) Officer(s) shall have no official duties except those assigned by the Executive Board. The At-Large Officer shall represent the general membership on issues of interest or concern, particularly those that arise outside of the standing committee structure.

General meetings of the members shall be held at least twice in each business year with at least 7 days written or electronic notice to each member.  Executive Board meetings may be called by the president or upon request of a board member, officer or member addressed to the president.  Written, electronic or audio (telephone) notice of the time, place and purpose of such meeting shall be given no later than three business days prior to an Executive Board meeting.
A quorum of the Executive Board shall be three voting members.  Decisions of the Executive Board shall be made by majority vote of those present after a quorum is established. Each member of the Executive Board shall be entitled to one vote.
A quorum of the Club shall be 10 members.  No official act may be taken or voted upon unless a quorum is present at a called meeting.  Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the members present (a quorum having been established).

Budget and Finance
An annual budget shall be prepared by the Executive Board and presented for approval to the voting membership no later than the general meeting in February.
The president, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall be authorized to direct the treasurer to issue checks consistent with the approved budget.  Expenditures not in the approved budget shall be approved by a majority of the voting membership present at the vote.
All checks of the Club shall require the signature of the treasurer and/or the president, however the treasurer shall arrange with the bank to mail Club bank statements to the vice-president or another officer who does not have authority to sign checks.
Requests by CCHS, CMS or the coaching staff for funds or purchases shall be submitted in writing to the Club as soon as practicable.  The treasurer shall develop a requisition policy which shall be used to submit any request for funds.
No check shall be disbursed unless the treasurer receives a signed requisition for funds.  No check shall be disbursed unless the Club receives, at the time of the disbursal, a written invoice, purchase order or a contemporaneous receipt from the vendor or person requesting the check.  Every expenditure by the Club should be evidenced by a written requisition for funds, a receipt for the disbursed check, an invoice, purchase order, receipt or other proof of purchase of the items or services for which funds were requested.
Exceptions will be allowed for unapproved expenses in emergency situations up to the amount of $100.00.  Such expenditures will be presented to the Executive Board at the next Executive Board meeting.
All revenues of the Club will be used strictly to further the purpose of the Club in a manner consistent with an adopted budget or the expressed wishes of the voting membership.  In no event will the revenues of the Club be used to pay, reimburse or defray any fines or penalties incurred by coaches of CCHS or CMS levied by the Georgia High School Athletic Association, the State Board of Education or the DeKalb County Board of Education.
All officers and directors shall serve without compensation. This does not include the Varsity Baseball Coach’s salary paid by the school.

Parliamentary Authority
Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the conduct of the Club meetings.

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